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Lillie Cintrón, Owner

Dances of Spirit

Lillie is a Business & Life Revamping Specialist, Numerologist and the creator of Dances of Spirit™ a spiritual program that helps people change and rebuild their lives while supporting them through their spiritual growth.

She has an MBA in Accounting Management and for over 23 years, she has advised entrepreneurs on conscious business practices. Through her corporate jobs she discovered her passion to bring order and structure to resolve critical situations. She noticed how life situations affect the business environment and vice versa, so she was inspired to find conscious solutions to help people handle their life issues first and then be able to improve their work performance. In 2000 she opened her consulting practice where she specializes on restructuring, simplifying and organizing business processes and personal lives.

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Her personal spiritual quest led her to rediscover her passion for dance as a healing modality to process life. A dancer since age 3, and a choreographer since her teens, she strongly believes in the healing power of movement and dance. She wanted to create a way for people to release and heal while feeling uplifted and inspired through the process. This longing moved her to research dance healing modalities around the world and based on her own healing experience, she created a unique venue for people to liberate their spirits through introspective movement while providing them the guidance needed to process their changes, new beginnings, endings and challenges.

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In August 2010 she launched Dances of Spirit™ and dance became part of her spiritual program. She pioneered the spiritual dance movement in St. Petersburg, FL with this groundbreaking program that combines her expertise in life management with experiential workshops, intuitive counseling and dance healing. People learn to undergo their life altering changes as a spiritual process that heals their relationship with Spirit and improves the quality of their lives. She has witnessed so many lives transformed, always being aware that she’s the facilitator while the Presence of Spirit does the work.

In her own words:

"The dance doesn't change what we're going through, it changes us and how we go through our life experiences. When we touch the divine, we can't help but shift our perspective of life. It heals that which is holding us back, our own misconceptions, thought patterns and fears. As we dance, we know that our divine spirit is healing us while leading us into our unique life dance. It sheds what no longer serves us and liberates an authentic version of our selves.The dance defines us, moving us into a new life that supports our divine purpose."

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Her services inspire, empower and guide people, into balance, order and the peace of mind to smoothly navigate life while unleashing their most powerful self. Lives become aligned with their divine purpose and flow easily just like a dance…hence, the name Dances of Spirit™.

For more information you can contact Lillie at: 727-365-3161 Email: [email protected] 

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