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Lillie Cintrón, Owner Dances of Spirit

For over 20 years, I've been a Business & Life Revamping Specialist and Organizer. I'm also an Intuitive Adviser and Numerologist. 

In August 2010, I created Dances of Spirit™ 

a groundbreaking program that combines my professional expertise with workshops, intuitive counseling and dance healing. People learn to undergo their life altering changes as a spiritual process that heals their relationship with Spirit and improves the quality of their lives. I am blessed to have witnessed so many lives transformed, always being aware that I am the facilitator while the Presence of Spirit does the work.

My services will inspire, empower and guide you, into balance, order and the peace of mind to smoothly navigate life while unleashing your most powerful self. Life becomes aligned with your divine purpose and will flow so easily just like a dance…hence, the name Dances of Spirit.