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Intuitive Consulting to live a life in order and divine balance. 


About My Services

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About My Services

My main offerings are Consulting services for life and business management, and also, workshops, dance healing and zen meditation dances. Services are provided either in small groups, community events or individual sessions. You decide which service suits you best or if you prefer a combination of them. After an initial assessment of your situation, we decide on the program that better fits your needs and budget. 

Here's a general idea of how it works:

Through the classes and workshops you learn new principles and how to put them into practice in your own life. It works more at the intellectual level creating a shift in consciousness. The dance program is an experiential process designed to shift old paradigms and release emotional memories deeper at the cellular level. The introspective movement releases what's been holding you back and unleashes your most powerful self. The personal sessions provide you the guidance needed to process your specific life situations at a practical level, whether a consulting or dance healing session(s). 

Either through a single method or a mix of them, you will be given the guidance, action plan and the tools to change and improve your life. Your life becomes aligned with your purpose and flows easily just like a dance!

For more information please contact me at: 727-365-3161 

Email: [email protected]

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About Me, briefly...

I've been a transitions specialist, numerologist and consultant for over 20 years. My career began as a Management Accountant and my experiences in the business field led me to deal with personal issues that affect people's lives and hence, their work/business performance. I couldn't separate one from the other. I felt more passionate about helping my clients resolve their life issues than the accounting itself, because out of that resolution came their best attitude to do their jobs. Deep within, I had the calling to find spiritual answers to everyday situations and to shift perspectives, restructure and organize personal lives and businesses from that standpoint. 

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This took me on the path of teaching and helping others restructure their lives and businesses from within. In my spare time, I became an avid student of Numerology as I was fascinated by its accuracy and the wisdom it provides about our souls' journeys and purpose. I use this tool as the starting point of every personal session that I provide and we take it from there on every session to provide the guidance needed for each life situation.

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During the sessions I quickly assess every situation and provide you the bigger picture where I identify the issues, blockages, as well as the strengths and opportunities, that will resolve the matters at hand. My insights provide you the answers, ideas, solutions and strategies that will inspire you to move forward. You will have the clarity and understanding you need to make decisions and take action.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.

For more information, call or text me at 727-365-3161

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