Life is a mystic dance of ​self-expression.

Intuitive Consulting to live a life in order and divine balance. 


Classes & Workshops

Below is a brief description of the workshops and classes provided to further advance you and support you in your spiritual growth and evolution. Scheduling and location is currently in the making. Please contact me for details or sign up on the mailing list for more information and notifications.

Living through your Transitions

Based on the book "Finding Yourself in Transition: Using Life's Changes for Spiritual Awakening." This class series is more than a support group. It gives you insightful information about the real purpose of life transitions, the lessons behind your circumstances and the way to navigate through your life transitions and grow through your experience. A magnificent learning experience for everyone given the circumstances that we live today. Great support for those going through changes in career, relationship status, moving to a new location, job loss, divorce or break-up, anything that's shaken your world and life as you know it. 

The Mystic Dance

Learn how trance dance can be part of your spiritual practice and improve your life. This form of dance is a movement meditation of worship and devotion that will lead you into a journey within. Learn the origins of trance movement as a worship and healing tool and how these ancient techniques can benefit you today. Methods are introduced to help you heal hidden issues in your life that typically hold you back. Release thought patterns, unhealthy emotions and behaviors while unleashing your true potential. Experience the benefits of letting go, surrendering and trusting while moving into the darkness of the unknown and allowing a higher purpose to unfold in your life. Express from the deeper core of your soul and bring synchronicity into your life. Experience a deep communion with the divine. 

Spiritual Economics 

Integrating Purpose, Spirit and the Flow of Money. 

This class series teaches spiritual principles regarding the essence of true prosperity and the flow of money. Heals your relationship with money and the purpose of your life.