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My private sessions provide a unique mix of intuitive consulting and spiritual coaching that bring awareness about your life path and what you’re going through. Using the ancient method of numerology and the wisdom of oracle cards, I show you the way to achieve your dreams, handle life, relationships, career and money issues. 

From the first session, you will get a clear understanding of your situation, how to handle it and the healing that will move you towards a joyful and balanced life. My services will help you deal with any type of life-altering transition, such as divorce, new relationship, relocation, job loss or new job, career change, marriage, break-up, new baby, opening a new business, etc.

Begin by giving me a call, free of charge, so we can further discuss your situation and how I can better serve you. We will make the plan that will best work for you. 

Your new life awaits to be discovered...

Inspire. Empower. Thrive.

Practical Spiritual guidance for everyday life.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or online.

For more information, call or text me at 727-365-3161 Hablo Español. 

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