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Third Thursdays  at Unity on the Bay

Please Register and let us know that your joining us! ​

Zen Dance

1st and 3rd Thursdays


 7:00 p.m. - 8:45 p.m

Thank you for registering! We look forward to meeting you and dance with you. We recommend that you arrive a few minutes earlier to allow time to prepare. If you have any questions, please contact Lillie at 727-365-3161 See you at the dance floor!

About Trance ZEN Dance

Come as you are and dance as you feel in sacred communion with the divine where dancing skills and experience are not required. Trust your inner rhythm to move you in your own unique and awesome way in a space where there are no rules, no conversations and no steps to learn.

Take a break from your structured life and let your soul be free while feeling the high ecstatic energy all around you. Express your self like nobody's watching surrounded by a joyful, loving, like-minded community that will make you feel at home.

If you haven't tried it yet, this is the perfect chance to join us and enjoy this liberating experience. Discover how zen dance resonates with who you are and how this practice can heal and improve your life.

What You Need to Know Ahead:


This is an alcohol, drug and smoke free space. Network-free zone.

This is a space to be yourself, judgment-free. Please be mindful of others and respect their space, too.

Once we begin, the doors are locked to honor the sacred space and there will be no conversations.

Please arrive on time to register, get centered, relaxed and ready.

Wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring your water bottle.

If you're a first timer, please contact Lillie for more details at 727-365-3161.