Zen Dances

Intuitive Consulting to live a life in order and divine balance. 


Zen Dance is an alternative venue for those who believe in the healing power of movement and dance and also for those willing to explore it as part of their prayer and meditation practice. There's no such thing as a "non-dancer", we all have the power of self-expression deep within our core, and our dances are an amazing way to unleash our creative spirit. 

Dances of Spirit™ was born in August 2010, out of my desire to combine my own spiritual practice with my love of dance. It became a positive and uplifting way for me to heal and navigate through life as well as for those who have joined us through all these years. I'm sure you will enjoy it too!  

Just come as you are and dance as you feel in sacred communion with the divine. Whether experienced or new to conscious dance, you will find what your soul has been yearning for: a sacred space for free-form movement where there are no rules, no steps to learn and no need for dancing skills or experience. Through the dance, you find yourself in your own way and at your own pace, while having a great time.

We are currently searching for new locations in Miami to do our dance. Please stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, you can add your name & email to our mailing list and will notify you when we get back on the groove. We look forward to meeting you soon!

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

"I praise the dance, for it frees people from the heaviness of matter and binds the isolated to community. 

Dance is a transformation of space, of time and of people who are in constant danger of becoming all brain, will or feeling."

~ St Augustine